Uprising is the destination for those who like their travel filled with heart and soul; for those who want to live. The most rewarding SPRING BREAK Experience, Uprising is truly unique experiential travel.

Experiential travel is traveling to a place not merely to visit it but to understand it, learn from it and grow as an individual. Uprising combines legendary fun with the opportunity to immerse yourself in culture and give back to local communities.

Uprising is a dream come true for all you adrenaline junkies, who can run wild through island paradise to your heart’s content. Epic adventures include zip-lining through tropical Fijian rainforest’s, cruising through the river float party with pop-up bars and snorkeling the coral reef!

In between all the partying and Instagram-worthy moments, Uprising is also about connecting with local communities and giving back. You’ll have the option to spend half days volunteering environmental support and helping at a local school. As much fun as partying til dawn on the beach is (and you’ll be doing that too!), nothing beats the feel-good feeling of really making a difference.

To connect with a country and a community is a truly enriching and memorable form of travel. The tan may fade, but the memories will last a lifetime.

The best part about a SPRING BREAK Experience is that everything is taken care of! Simply secure your spot with a $50 deposit and pay the package off in monthly installments. All you need to do is turn up at the airport with your mates, ready for the time of your life.

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